The Tai chi chuan, it is this famous gymnastics of Chinese origin. Between method of relaxation and martial art, this practice has more and more success in UK. How it practised? What are its benefactions? this is reviews to find back the harmony old of several centuries.

tai chi yang

The Tai chi chuan is a discipline practised for centuries in China. It is the most practised martial art in the World. It would have been invented by a monk who observed a fight between a bird and a snake.

ABC of Tai Chi Chuan.

The Tai chi chuan is a learned mixture of gestures and postures in realized by chaining them. He evokes at the same time a slow dance and a fight in slow motion. The principle is simple. It is a question of making slow and supple gestures. These must be necessarily made in a continuous way, to avoid the jerks and the brutal stops. The chains can sometimes contain until 100 different movements! The breath is also in the center of the exercises. This one must be slow and deep. The sessions owed approximately half an hour and take place generally two-three times a week. Certain variants are going to use instruments (stick, sword .).

Strict roles.

Contrary to what we can believe, the movements are not random. They are codified and the chains are a part of the education. Know that there are several schools of Tai chi chuan, which are going to have different specificities. But altogether, if the movements vary, basic rules are the same, as for example:

  • Keep the summit of the skull upward.
  • Let shoulders fall.
  • Do not use the strength.
  • Remain always relaxed.
  • Keep the joints flexible.
  • Realize fluid movements.
  • Make continuous sequences of movements.

You said "Chi"?

The Tai chi chuan is known as a discipline of the health and the longevity. It is used in particular on hospitals in China. But really what about? The theory on the basis of its benefactions takes support on "Chi". Because the Tai chi chuan would facilitate the circulation of this physical energy within our body. Yet always according to these rules, it is when Chi finds itself blocked in a precise place that we fall ill. This activity would thus play a preventive role.

What real effects on the health?

If the effects of the Tai chi chuan on "Chi" remain little studied scientifically, the benefactions of this gymnastics are real. So, he has the advantage to be accessible to a largest number of peoples: no need to be an accomplished athlete to begin.

He allows, to the youngest in particular, to become aware of each party of his body. The sequences of movements are going to develop at the same time the flexibility, the coordination and in a general way the dynamism. Furthermore, the respiratory techniques and the flexible movements allow a deep relaxation.

The Tai chi chuan is moreover a well-tried method to manage the stress and find the peace. It is all the more effective if the movements are practised outdoors. Some also claim that it would have virtues on the immune system. But nothing was ever proved on the subject .