The first school of Hung G Kung fu opened in 1981, in a Club street Félix Faure in the 3rd district. Then the General Association of Hung Gar. Kung fu, chaired by Master Vang Ngoc Hà, settled down on the slope of Croix-Rousse in 1982, by means of the regional persons in charge of the League of Lyonnais (city of Lyon - France) of the FFKAMA (French federation of karate and martial arts afiliated).

This association, was renamed in 1999, Association General Thieu Lam Hong Gia Vo Dao, Vietnamese translation of the school Siu Lam Hung Gar Kung fu, and passed under the technical direction of his son VANG Anh Tuan, until this day.

Master Vang Ngoc Hà, worried about the development as the small Hung Gar style, but also as his Chinese and Vietnamese culture, widened his education in the Vietnamese traditional martial arts, in the internal arts Tai chi and chi Kung, and in the Chinese Traditional medicine applied to the training of the martial arts.

The activity of the Central Scool of the Croix-Rousse, allowed the development of the other clubs. So, three founding Masters, by means of the former pupils of the school, decided to base the Internationale Siu Lam Hung Gar union Kung fu with the aim of grouping the studians, to promote an education of quality and protecting the purity of the small style Hung Gar. Bequeathed by the Great master VONG VAN HOA. The Statuses of U.I.S.L.H.G.K.F., were put down in prefecture of the Rhône on October 4th, 1991. They were modified in 2001 to authorize the double Chinese name « Union Internationale Siu Lam Hung Gar. Kung fu », and Vietnamese « Internationale Thieu Lam Hong Gia Vo Dao union ». So the Union participated in the extension of the education's program of the School Hung Gar, and in relations of the school with the Vietnamese's martial arts world.

Master Vang Ngoc Hà always pursued his objective to develop these arts on the way of the health, and the martial art, it according to the individual capacities of these pupils and followers.

Today, Master Vang Ngoc Hà withdraws from all the administrative activities of the school Hung Gar and the martial arts generally, and wishes to refocus his teaching to some apprentices deserving receiving it. In order to archive a complete meditative retreat, in the serenity, he had the desire that quite his teachings are gathered within an institute of the martial arts. Especially as the explosion of these arts in several federations agents, requires a new administrative organization.