The Great-Master Vang Ngoc Hà thought:

The martial arts today are not any more as formerly. With the conception of today, if we follow the only mode of modern training, we are going to lose the value, the soul and the quality of the martial art.

In the old days, in the practice of the martial art, according to the tradition, the apprentice follows rules and work which master teaches him, in the respect for the discipline, and makes his level in time at the rate of a diligent training and by remaining faithful to its master and his school.

Today, rules changed, the martial arts evolve towards the only sports practice; the knowledge are acquired in a individualistic way, and the apprentice do not hesitate to practice several styles impoverished in the method of training, travelling from a school to the other one.

The martial arts in the past, were a valuable culture, participating in the construction of a country in wartime, then in peacetime. And also they trained the men to become right, honest and brave and of good citizens.

I learnt the martial art for more than 50 years, it is immense as the ocean of which I ignore where is the bank. Lost in this ocean of martial arts, for me it is absolutely necessary that we understand our capacity and our objective. If we fix our purpose to a single objective, the result is faster and more reliable.

If we do not understand our capacity, that we have too much desire, too much ambition, and if we follow several objectives at the same time, we shall have some disappointment. The man has only two hands, how much can they contain? We cannot seize all the property of this world. There is a choice.