The origines

Hung Ga Chuan (fist of the family Hung) or Hung Jia Chuan with mandarin is a representative style of the boxing of the South of China. He developed essentially in the region of Canton (Guandong), his essential characteristics are powerful and very rooted postures as well as use mainly upper limbs; the development of powerful postures and the flexibility of arms connected with the speed allow to increase the strength.

If it is true that Hung Ga is one of the most representative of the boxing said about the external system (Wai Jia), she puts nevertheless the accent on the work of the energy through sounds and besides develops the fight at short said moved closer distance what makes of Hung Ga one of the most formidable boxes in real fight.

Hung Ga or boxing of the clan (family Hung) is also known as the boxing of the Tiger and the Crane and although representative of the system " Shaolin ", it emphasizes the works of its two animals, which represent the quintessence of the teaching of the Monastery of the Small Forest, that is the short boxing represented by the works of the black Tiger and the long boxing stemming from the system of the white Crane.

Hung Gee Gung in XVIII century combined these two systems in the only one and with the contributions of other three animals to know the Bear, the Leopard and the monkey (some people still add the Snake and the Dragon) of the boxing of Shaolin will create the definitive system.