Tai Chi was created based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine, martial arts and the law of nature known as the "Tao". It incorporated knowledge going back for thousands of years in Chinese history. In recent years medical studies have shown tai chi improves muscular strength, flexibility and fitness; as well as improved relaxation, balance, immunity and other health benefits. However studies don´t show anywhere near the full extent of benefits tai chi can bring! Such as empowering you to develop serenity, inner strength and power, leading to more happiness and fulfilment.

At the core of the tai chi theory are roughly ten essential tai chi principles. The compliance of these principles is what differentiates tai chi from the other martial arts. When we practice, we want to unite the mind/intent with chi and physical movement. Remember that intent drives chi and chi delivers force. Despite the physical differences between styles, all styles adopt these principles.

The Ten Essential Principles of Tai Chi Chuan