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Martial Arts is a way of life, Kung Fu translates as reward from continuous effort over time. To be used for peace and prosperity. Kung fu is the goals through hard work and persistence or kung fu is the achievement of man through his work.

A great way to teach a person that they can overcome many things in life and they are in control of their own destiny. The true meaning behind the art is not violence or bullying,but striving to better oneself and overcome your fears and weakness.

Scunthorpe Martial Arts Center, delivers authentic educational initiatives and health and wellbeing activities. We believe in the benefits that these activities bring: enhancing your knowledge, empowering your self-expression, and supporting your wellbeing.


The Administrators would like to thank the following people.

NEI LIEN: Traditional Martial Arts Association
and more especially Mr John Squier who had the kindness to autorize us to publish his exelent article about the Hung gar kung fu (Hung Kuen).

Ronnie Robinson, autor of “Tai Chi for You”